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Lease & Properties Management
The Lease & Properties Management module retains the information, terms, and conditions relevant to agreements with your tenants. It provides complete tracking and cross reference of multiple leases with multiple addendum. Structured to remind property managers when information or action is coming due, the module will alert personnel of expiration and negotiation dates, options, audits, and insurance data. The Lease & Properties Management module, linked to the Tenant Billing module, will even allow users to bill tenants while a lease is being negotiated. Maintenance and utility costs and their responsibilities are tracked as are the levels of insurance maintained by tenants. Unlimited free form narrative may be input by the user. Information is retrieved via user defined categories and time frames. Information may be either displayed or printed. The Lease Management system can be linked to the Airport's Geographic Information or CAD System.

Tenant Billing
The Tenant Billing module provides a streamlined method for invoicing airport tenants. Since airports bill on a diverse number of criteria, such as aircraft landed weight, enplaned passengers, number of taxi fares, percentages of restaurant gross revenues, etc., the Tenant Billing module has been designed to remain flexible in order to accommodate the variety. You determine which items to bill for, the rates and the frequencies, and the Tenant Billing module does the rest. Additionally, the module allows you to define billing standards which can even be tailored to specific tenants. Items which require receipt of periodic information (such as number of landings, enplanements, etc.) are structured so that the system will alert users when the necessary statistical data is missing. The Tenant Billing module is the ideal tool for the generation of timely, clear and efficient invoicing and for maintaining good tenant relations.

Utility Billing
The Utility Billing module complements the Tenant Billing Cluster. It offers great versatility and pinpoint accuracy. Meter readings are either imported electronically or manually input for Electricity and Water meters. Usage is calculated and rates applied based on user defined calculations. Shared meters are accommodated as well as differentials for winter and summer rates. Sewer charges are automatically calculated based on water usage. The Utility Billing module integrates with the Tenant Billing module to produce the invoices and to account for the revenue.

Accounts Receivable
The Accounts Receivable module records all receivables and structures this data for use in a variety of reports. Providing instant analysis of cash and credit status, the module is extremely flexible so that it can be tailored to your particular airport's needs. Accounts Receivable also provides for on-line invoice line item inquiry and ad hoc, user defined categories for the aged receivable reports.

Airport Statistics
The Airport Statistics module manages the collection and reporting of operating information necessary for effective management. Whether it be in the form of data, information necessary for maintaining good community relations or marketing, or statistical data to feed the tenant billing process, the Airport Statistics module is the automated tool to accomplish these tasks. Data is maintained for almost every conceivable requirement. From number of tower movements, number of landings, types of aircraft, amount of aircraft fuel pumped, enplaned passengers, deplaned passengers, thru-passengers, number of taxi fares, gross revenues of restaurants, cargo, mail aircraft parking - plus a host of additional elements, the module records and reports information designed to keep management abreast of all activities. This powerful module will even anticipate the necessary tenant activity reports and alert you when past due dates arise. A delinquency report is automatically generated assisting you to inform the tardy tenant and thus assisting in the timely collection of data and subsequently, in the timely billing of your tenants. Extremely flexible, the Airport Statistics module lets each user specify what statistical data to maintain, as well as how to structure and report it. Previous period comparisons are available so that trend analysis can be performed. Airport Statistics is a useful tool in managing growth and plotting future airport plans.

Revenue Projections
The Revenue Projections module provides projections based on history for specific revenue types. The system will allow "What-If" scenarios based on the increase/decrease of volume and/or rates which are calculated and reported. Calculated and prorated items are based on the change in volume of the variables.

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