This is not a new trend for us, it's our life business.




The Bowman Group

An Active Industry Leader

Some companies see airports and related operations as a new market to conquer. At the Bowman Group, we're flattered that so many companies want to enter this field. We'd be glad to show them around. You see, we've been active industry leaders for over two decades. This is not a new trend for us, it's our life business.

Our industry involvement includes:

Transportation Research Board
Airport Cooperative Research Project
Bradford S. Bowman participated on the following project in 2008/2009:
"Analysis and Recommendations for Developing and Integrated Airport System"

Airports Council International-North America (ACI-NA)
The Bowman Group is an Associate of this prestigious council. Mr. Bowman has served on several ACI-NA Associates committees. The Bowman Group has been a regular attendee and exhibitor a the ACI-NA Conferences.

American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE)
The Bowman Group is an active corporate member of this esteemed association, regularly attending and exhibiting at AAAE Conferences. In addition, Mr. Bowman has presented or moderated numerous sessions at AAAE Conferences, including:
• "Leading the Airport Automation Revolution," National Airports Conf., Dallas, TX
• "Airport Accounting/Finance and Computers," three-day workshop sponsored by AAAE
• "Computerizing Airports Byte-ing the Software Bullet," National Airports Conference, San Diego, California
• "Making Technology Work at Your Airport: Management Information Systems," Annual AAAE Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Air Transport and Travel Information Systems
Mr. Bowman was the keynote speaker and moderator at the February, 1998 ATTIS Conference in Houston. His keynote address for the "Future Airport Systems: Vision and Reality" session was titled, "The Paperless Airport." At the special request of ATTIS organizers, Mr. Bowman presented an updated to his "Paperless" discussion during the 2000 Americas Conference in Orlando.

Comprehensive Requirements Definition
The Bowman Group prepared a comprehensive requirements definition for airport systems. The basis of the requirements definition was developed by The Bowman Group and required in excess of 1,800 hours of effort. The requirements have been augmented and refined over the past six years based on dozens of Request for Proposals received by the company. This document is now available to all authorized airports via request to the AAAE or by contacting The Bowman Group.