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The Bowman Group

Solutions for Transportation Management

How can I set up a shared-tenant system? How can I seamlessly integrate disparate systems for tighter control? How can I incorporate intermodal facilities into my existing systems? How can I even know what opportunities I should be focusing on?

The Bowman Group offers a variety of services and products designed to help answer these questions and keep you on the leading edge. Our software solutions, integrated or stand-alone, have become industry standards, and are currently in use in airports and transportation facilities around the world. Whether it is complete systems integration you're looking for or just one piece of the puzzle, we can handle it.

But beyond the software systems, we understand the business processes involved. So we offer a variety of consulting and educational services. Whether you're facing one vexing problem or seeking one grand opportunity, we are here for you. Working together, we can help as you endeavor to bring the world together.