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Accounts Payable
The Accounts Payable module automatically performs the computations, voucher assignments, and disbursements from pre-established master files, while enabling you to obtain a snapshot status of the present condition at any time. Providing for multiple liability and cash accounts, the Accounts Payable module is a versatile, highly flexible tool for bottom line management. Accounts Payable voucher entry allows posting to a work order, project/cost category, or other general ledger number. The Accounts Payable also allows set-up of property, plant or equipment simultaneous with voucher entry.

Requisitions and Purchasing
Requisitions are entered on-line and are gathered by the system for each person with approving authority. The person approving the requisition is provided with the budgetary impact of the purchase. Approved requisitions are automatically filled with available inventory, and the unfilled balances are automatically tagged for purchase. The purchasing agent(s) may perform vendor shopping to review vendor historical performance pertaining to price, discounts, terms, delivery timing and DBE requirements. The requested items may be automatically gathered and placed on purchase orders per the purchasing agents vendor selections. Matching requisitions to purchase orders to receiving reports and vendor invoices is done by the system (line by line). The line items which match automatically create accounts payable vouchers. Exception reports are produced for quantity and/or price variances. Over or under shipments and price differentials may be accepted by the authorized airport personnel. The Requisitions and Purchasing modules give Department Heads and Purchasing agents control and organization over the procurement process and insure that budgeted funds are available.

Inventory Control
Accurate inventory controls play a large part in minimizing costs as excess inventories can be equated to excess costs. The Inventory Control module provides up-to-the-moment status on all inventoried items. With this powerful module, optimum inventory levels, for each item, can be determined and maintained. Minimum, maximum and safety stock quantities are maintained. Seasonally adjusted Economic Order Quantities are calculated. Multiple warehouses with multiple bins per item are supported. One-time or emergency purchases are also tracked.

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