Parking Lot Management

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The Parking Lot Management module has been designed as a complete administrative tool for economically controlling the various parking facilities of airports. First, and foremost, the module assists in the reconciliation of cash. Ticket transactions can be reported directly from fee computers located in each ticket booth. Thus, accuracy is maintained while honesty is upheld. Transaction journals and audit trails are generated to provide proper internal control and analytical evaluation of this important cash-based business activity. The module will track and maintain vehicle inventory levels for each lot. Data, accumulated via hand-held terminals in the field, is analyzed and calculated to alert users of overflow situations. Analysis of peak periods is also maintained by the system, thus assisting in determining traffic flow and the projection of potential revenue. Finally, analysis may be performed which reports the originating states and counties of parked vehicles. This analysis becomes important in a region with competitive air service. Gone are the days of forced essential air service. Airlines like to fly where people like to fly. The thorough analysis of the state and county demographics of airport parking lot users provided by this module allows targeted marketing campaigns to promote the airport in specific communities.

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