Property, Plant and Equipment

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Fixed Assets
The Fixed Assets module is a complete asset tracking tool for managing property, plant, and equipment. The module accommodates the reporting of assets with components. Funding sources are recorded with depreciation by funding source accumulated. The module will allocate and report assets for multiple departments and cost centers. Equipment serial numbers and inventory tag identifiers may also be recorded. Depreciation may be specified by asset/component and include methods based on the passage of time or units of usage. This dynamic module will also accommodate the amortization of leasehold improvements. Handheld data capture devices with scanners may be used to facilitate fixed asset inventory taking and may be interfaced with this module. The geographic coordinates of assets are maintained, which will allow for interface with a Geographic Information System. The module is linked to the Project Cost module, thus enabling the automatic transfer of component costs. The module also links with Preventive Maintenance module for automatic generation of work orders with subsequent recording of detailed service records.

Preventive Maintenance/Work Order
Preventive Maintenance/Work Order works with Property, Plant and Equipment to schedule routine maintenance based on the passage of time or units of usage. The module produces periodic work orders which outline a bill of materials and required labor hours (by job classification). All work orders, whether scheduled or unscheduled, will post the itemized maintenance costs (labor, material and overhead) to the accumulated maintenance expense by asset. Work orders may also be generated whose costs will be ultimately transferred to Project Cost.

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