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Revenue Projections Software Release

The Bowman Group has released a Revenue Projections software module for their Airport Management System (AMS).


Providing realistic analysis for financial planning, the module assembles projections based on AMS revenue and statistical history. The system allows "What-If" scenarios based on the increase/decrease of volume and/or rates which are calculated, displayed and reported. Calculated and prorated items are based on the change in volume of the associated variables.

The Revenue Projections module shares its information with the Tenant Billing, Lease Management and Airport Statistics modules.

Revenue Projections is made up of three processes:

The Revenue/Statistics Process prompts for criteria on which to select historical transactions including:
• Historical date range
• Lease types
• One or more revenue codes
• User defined report groups
• Specific customers to exclude or iInclude

The process then prompts for additional information to be used when preparing the analysis and projections including:
• Future projection date range
• Report type
• Whether to use only like periods
• Whether to adjust (give greater weight to) the most current year
• Percent of increase or decrease in the volume (quantity)
• Percent of increase or decrease in the rate
• Reporting interval
• Whether to include revenue items scheduled to expire during the projection date range

The Print Projection Report process displays, then prints the projection report from the compiled information.

The Purge Projection Report process purges all projection files for the user selected report or reports. The reports are identified by the projection report request number, which is assigned by the "Revenue/Statistic Projections" process.

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